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The rules of power soccer are pretty simple. Each team's starting unit is comprised of three offensive players and one goalie. The game is played on a basketball court.  All athletes must utilize a powered wheelchair in order to play. During a game, the objective is to maneuver the soccer ball with the aid of a guard placed in front of the wheelchair through dribbling and passing skills. Similar to able-bodied soccer, the game incorporates a wide open, passing style and uses corner, penalty and goal kicks. The fouls and penalties that are enforced in power soccer are also similar to the able-bodied game.

Athletes consist of those with physical disabilities who can independently operate a power chair.

Minimum age to play is 6 years.

Power soccer is played in the Event Center at Morgan’s Wonderland

Season:  September – June

Refer to the calendar for dates and times- Click here to view the calendar.